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Another IBPC First

The music, the line breaks, the evocative description: everything in sync here. --Paul Lisicky

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Eureka Springs Wins 2nd Place in Poem of the Year

I'm honored to place 2nd in the IBPC's POTY with the crazy poem written after viewing a picture online of the big Jesus in Eureka Springs.

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Your request is being processed... Poetry And Ruthless Careerism: How To Become The Most Famous Poet In America Overnight

Relentlessness does not come easily to poets. They are generally a stoned and timid bunch, playing with their beards or sitting mousily with hands and ankles crossed.

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Shortlisted in the 2009 CBC Literary Awards

I'm very proud to be one of 7 BC poets shortlisted in this annual Canadian event.

Congratulations to our 80 English finalists for making it this far! Their texts have been selected from among 6,000 submissions to the 2009 competition in the following categories: Creative Nonfiction, Poetry and Short Story.

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First Place in the IBPC monthly competition

I am very proud to place 1st in this month's IBPC poetry competition

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Home for the summer

A few of my babies have come home for a rest. They had travelled east, as far as Chicago! When I opened the small tin door and saw them leaning there, in their white sleeves and creased paper, I almost didn't know who they were. It had been a long time.

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I read somewhere recently about a scientist who is suggesting we could cultivate a kind of hybrid plant that has reflective leaves. If we grew this plant strategically, it would do the job of the quickly melting ice caps and reflect the suns rays back into space.

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