The music, the line breaks, the evocative description: everything in sync here.
Paul Lisicky, November Judge, IBPC

It is hard not to notice her poetry really as she uses the personal to translate the universal. There is a little something Jude in every one of her poems as well as large swathes of the epic of life, the kind of thing that takes you from the simple to the grand in less than fifty lines ...
Blog Review: Carmen is a Cat

Wonderfully textured imagery, splendid sounds and subtle treatment makes this poem outstanding.
Sachi Nag, Crescent Moon Review

This gives a fresh, vivid feeling of early morning by the lake, almost as good as being there! I love the heron stepping from "her limousine of reeds", and the humour and contrasts ... A delightful poem.
Jane Duran, the Guardian

Perfect rhythmically, original and beautiful. Congratulations!
Anne Stevenson, the Guardian